Congratulations for starting your practice


Best practice for starting a new clinic

Here is what you need as a start-up kit for your dental practice.

Starting your new practice may be challenging, it is like starting a business. The Integrated Dental Management System provides everything that you need, from managing patient, their appointment and queues, diagnosis, all the way to treatment and invoices. This complete process leaves you focusing on giving the right diagnosis and treatment to your patient.

With our additional module of Artificial Intelligence Analysis (AI) and Automated Dentistry Analysis, you can have the necessary support of the right analysis tools for your clinic that you can depend on if you needed help for medical knowledge and best practice



Multiple Branch – Unification of data


Improving your existing workflow

Having an effective system is very important for your business to grow. This includes workflow from patient stepping into the clinic, being diagnose, automated dental charting through AI technology, to and comprehensive standardised treatment that had been verified and inspected. Maintaining that standard so that you are sure that your dentists do the right thing, provide the right treatment becomes a critical aspect of your business.

The package for multiple branch is therefore very useful for running an effective and efficient business, at the same time having the results validated by thousands of dentists.



Existing Clinic


Changing your treatment\business flow

Migrate your system from the old record keeping style to the new patient centric treatment system. Embark on the system that leverage on Medtech technology that had been fed by deep academic studies of thousands of dentist input. The EM2 Integrated Dental Management System (IDMS) is built by the dentist (both academic professors and practice dentist) for the dentist like you so make sure you harness the best practice of dentistry in your system.